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Greetings from the Director of IMSS

Director of IMSS
Osamu Shimomura

We would like to sincerely express our sympathy to those who suffered the devastating damage by the 3.11 East Japan Earth Quake and the followed Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident. KEK was lucky that we had no human damage by this earthquake, but facilities and infrastructures in Tsukuba and Tokai Campuses were severely damaged. Thanks to the warm support and comprehensive cooperation by the relevant people, PF was recovered to perform test operation in June aiming at the user operation from this autumn season, and J-PARC will resume its user operation from the beginning of next year through the test operation in December. It was so kind that many overseas and domestic facilities of SR, neutron and muon offered special beamtimes when user operation at IMSS was cancelled. We sincerely appreciate these actions which enable to keep the science activities of the IMSS users.

IMSS is an interuniversity organization to offer the high quality quantum beams such as SR, neutron, muon and slow positron. It was so sorry that we have obliged to stop user operation at J-PARC when the time to produce scientific results. During this time, we not only restored but also upgraded the experimental facilities. We expect high level outcomes using the resumed facility. It is worthwhile to note that the JSPS proposal to construct an ultra-slow muon beamline was approved this July. The core part of the beamline is under construction and the total beamline will be completed in a couple of years.

The ERL promotion office and the PF reexamined the ERL project which have been promoted as the next SR machine to the PF /the PF-AR for more than 5 years, and concluded the accelerator energy of 3GeV is adequate to cover the soft x-ray region which is scientifically very important. From this April we organized three workshops to discuss the scientific cases using 3GeV ERL machine among the SR users, potential users and industrial users. We put again emphasis on the ERL project in this workshop for more detailed discussion. We invite Prof, S. Gruner of Cornell University, who has developed the ERL project at Cornell, to introduce the current situation in USA.

The second day is focused on the strongly correlated material sciences which have been developed at the Condensed Matter Research Center (CMRC), IMSS. The group leaders of CMRC are assigned to the discussion leader of the four sessions to introduce and summarize the current status and future development of each field. The four sessions are "ordering of the electron freedom", " electronic correlation at the surface and interface", " Basic study in Organic electronics" and "Order and disorder in soft-matter and bio-matter induced by electron charge". We much appreciate your participation to the 4th IMSS workshop to join discussion at the scientific session, and to encourage the scientific activity at IMSS.

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